British Council Award

British Council Award

British Council as an Organisation

British Council is an accredited organization founded in 1934 was entrusted with a mission to build connections between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education, and the English Language. The aim is to help young people to gain the skills, confidence, and connections they are looking for to realize their potential and to participate in strong and inclusive communities.

History of the Organisation

Launched in India in 1948 with a view to connect with thousands of students, educators, policymakers, academicians seeking high quality education. Later in 1999, the British Council came with an International School Award, a scheme recognizing the school’s efforts to include international work, this has not only allowed schools to connect with those on a global platform but has also given them a global recognition.

International Dimension in Schools Award in India

Formerly known as the International School Award, it is a British Council accreditation scheme introduced in INDIA in 2003, rewarding schools with a notable global element in their curriculum. The program that supports schools in fostering international ethos throughout the school and embedding it with the curriculum. Nearly 2500 schools across the country have joined this exciting journey since then. The range of schools participating in the International School Award varies from the well-resourced private schools to government schools from rural areas and schools for the less advantaged communities. The International School Award now has a presence in 31 countries worldwide.

Key benefits of getting the International Dimension in School Award

It has a positive impact on not just the students, but also the teachers and school in entirety. It is a leadership challenge and fosters team building, innovation, and project management.

School’s Journey and International Dimension in School Award

The journey of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidyashram Pratapnagar began in 2010, within a span of a decade the School was bestowed with coveted INERNATIONAL DIMENSION IN SCHOOLS (FORMERLY CALLED INTERANTIONAL SCHOOL AWARD) 2018-21 acknowledging our effort for adding international dimension to our curriculum. This award was received by the Principal Shri Deepak Dua and the ISA Coordinator Smt. Ruchi Malik.