19th August 2022 was celebrated with great devotion, enthusiasm, solemnity and religious fervor by BVB Vidyashram, Pratap Nagar to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Spectacular and mesmerizing Jhankis embellished the Maharana Pratap Auditorium, that aptly exhibited Krishna in Karagaar, Bal Leelas and various other prominent Krishna charitras. More than 350 students across Balwadi to Class XII participated with full zeal in the event. Charming and scintillating faces lit up the stage. Heart- winning performances like Raas, Maakhan Chor, Krishna Mahima and Badhai Geet showcased different stages and leelas of Lord Krishna from the perspective of Vasudev and Devki, which very well justified its appellation ‘DEVKI-PARMANANDAM’. Performances captivated the audience in the cosmic blend of music, dance and drama. Wrapped up in the fragrance of flowers, soothing aroma of camphor and the jingling bells, the pious and solemn ceremony concluded with Aarti and sweet distribution amidst the Management, Principal, Staff, Parents and Students.