World Health Day Celebration

‘Health is Wealth’
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidyashram, Pratap Nagar is committed to overall development of the students and striving hard to achieve it.
In this order, World Health Day was celebrated in the school. A special assembly was organised where the importance of holistic health was explained to the students through the speech and health song. Students took part in the health awareness rally and also played Nukkad Natak in the school premises and public park to raise awareness among the people of the society.
With the help of Yoga and Meditation students learnt the importance of concentration and numerous health benefits. Students wrote catchy health slogan and displayed in their classes. They also played their part for the welfare of the society by cleaning the public park and participating in the plantation drive. Students were motivated to adopt healthy habits like exercising, eating healthy, sleeping well for better health and wellbeing.