BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATION                                                                                                             “La France n’est pas seulement un pays, c’est un art de vivre. Vive la France!”

France is not just a country, it’s an art of living. Long live France!

14th July, French National Day commemorates the anniversary of storming of Bastille Prison.

This day is a symbol of National unity and pride for French people.

Having French as one of the main subjects in our school, this day becomes the best opportunity for the students to learn more about the country’s culture, language and to immerse themselves in the french way of life. To mark the same, the students of class IX -X organised a French Fiesta in the school for classes VI-VIII wherein few stalls of Handmade products like handbands, badges, tattos, bookmarks, paperweights and few vocabulary enriching games were put up. Students enjoyed visiting and putting up the Fiesta well.